Melissa Lewis-Gentry is a:

systems designer

UX designer

combat designer

product manager

Unity developer

narrative designer

liveops designer

economy designer

monetization designer

UI tech artist

level designer

seasoned professional
with over a decade of
management experience


Melissa Lewis-Gentry (who most people just call MLG) is likely the definition of a “non-traditional work history,” if that were something readily defined. Often working 2-3 jobs at once, her professional history involves so many different skills that many of her colleagues have asked if she was a “legit vampire.” Some of those include:

retail management – book publishing – tabletop game design – event management – car repossession – wedding catering – financial counseling – bartending – skip tracing – mortgage lending – pizza making – theater management – product pricing consulting – LARP design – bookkeeping – restaurant construction – small business ownership – call center management – public speaking – negotiation and de-escalation – digital marketing

Since transitioning to video game development in 2020, MLG has enthusiastically applied her myriad skills and experience to rocket through the game industry. Most people who know her are eagerly wondering what she’ll do next.

MLG is usually found in the wild with purple hair and a serious disposition.

More traditional resume and information available upon request.