Marvel Puzzle Quest



  • Platform: PC, Android, iOS
  •  Time Frame: 2021-2022
  • Company: Demiurge Studios

Marvel Puzzle Quest (MPQ) is a free-to-play, match-three Bejeweled-style puzzle battle game set in the Marvel universe. It runs out of the Steam client on PC but primarily is played via the mobile apps for iOS and Android.

I worked as a game designer on this game, focusing on character design, around game design (quests, adventures, and events). Domain expert in LiveOps and FTUE/early game experience. Responsibilities included:
– Scheduling & running the live events calendar
– Designing and balancing new characters, quests, and events
– Scheduling QA testing
– Designing new early game / FTUE content & economic system improvements
– Creating training documents and facilitated transfer of product to new developer.

Some common tasks I did were:
– Design and implemented events in proprietary engine (Seoul Engine), including running events on the server to live.
– Balanced combat stats for characters factoring in level curves through 550 levels.
– Visually designed store pages for events.